Honiton Petanque Club

First committee meeting

Honiton Petanque Club now has a committee. Following the plan submitted to Honiton Town Council and Mountbatten Sports and Social Club we have been building membership and spreading the word about the club. Now after nearly a year we have a committee of co-opted members. Chris Bigmore is Chair, Janet Driscoll is Secretary and there are three other committee members. There will be an AGM in early 2017 where people can stand for election to the committee. 

This year we entered a team into the Devon League, finishing last but most games were much closer than we had expected which bodes well for 2017.

Review of 2016

Membership is at a very healthy level and growing. The league campaign was hard and a very steep learning curve but progress was made and we will be back in 2017. Many of our players took part in national, regional and local competitions which is invaluable experience. We undertook some work on the terrain which has improved the playing service and will do some more work to ensure a fair playing surface. 

Review of our first year

Honiton Petanque Club brought its first year to a successful
end with a challenge match against a combined U3A/Twinning/Ottery Petanque club
team. Honiton were narrowly beaten 6 games to 4 but considering it was the
Clubs first year, and many of the Honiton players were fairly new to the game,
it was a encouraging. Many of the members came along for the game and a social
afternoon on 16th December.

Membership of the club, which shares facilities with Honiton
Football and Cricket clubs at Mountbatten Park in Ottery Moor Lane, has
flourished from nothing to nearly 30 members in less than a year. “We are
really pleased with the way the club has taken off. We have a great place to
play and our new players are developing well. We have exciting plans for next
including entering the Devon league, details of these plans will be announced
in the New Year” said club spokesman Chris Bigmore. “We will be having some
professional coaching sessions so players can learn the tactics and skill of
the game.”

Petanque, or boules as it is sometimes known, is becoming
increasingly popular in the UK as people realise that it is a very tactical,
competitive game which appeals to those who enjoy a challenging sport, it is
inexpensive to take up and people of all ages can play. The Honiton terrain, or
playing area, is one of the best in the county. The next important development
is creating an all weather pathway from the car park, and the club is looking
for funding to make this possible.

The club meets twice a week, weather permitting, on Sundays
at 10.30am and on Wednesdays at 2pm. “We try and play all year round, but if it
is raining, or very cold, we call it off.” said Chris.

More information can be obtained by visiting the club’s
website http://petanquehoniton.btck.co.uk/
or by calling 07815710810.

First Open day for new club

Devon’s newest petanque club at Honiton is holding its first
Open Day on Sunday July 12th.  The Open
Day starts at 2pm and finishes at 5pm, everyone can come and get free instruction
from experienced players and try the game.

Petanque, or boules as it is often called, is growing
rapidly in popularity in the UK and Honiton Petanque Club, which shares the
Honiton Football and Cricket ground at Mountbatten Park in Ottery Moor Lane, opened
this Spring and is already attracting a host of new members.

“The Open Day is a chance for people to come and try the
game that is so popular in France, and we are not making a charge to attend.“
says club spokesman Chris Bigmore. “We play on specially prepared terrains in
the UK and the new one at Mountbatten Park is an excellent new facility. Thanks
to the support of Honiton Town Council, East Devon Council, Mountbatten Park,
Honiton Sports and AG Signs we have all the equipment we need to loan to
players. We are now looking for new members who may be interested in joining a
Devon League team in 2016, taking part in club competitions and challenge

 “If you come to our
Open Day you can join other new players in a short introduction and a game
under the careful eyes of our more experienced players. You will have a chance
to learn the basics – how to throw the ball accurately, the different types of
shot and an idea of the tactics that are so important to understand. There is
so much more to petanque than whose ball is closest to the jack. It is a game
of defence and attack, strategy and a bit of luck.” Added Chris.

The Club would like to attract players of all ages as it is
not just a game for older people. “When I played in France I was up against the
Regional Junior Champion; he was just 12; of course he won!” said club member
Clive Essame.

The Club meets on Sunday mornings at 10.30am and Wednesday
evenings at 7pm. These sessions last about two hours and people can expect to
play two or three games. Annual membership is £20 which includes membership of
the Mountbatten Social Club and playing fees. The first four sessions are free
and under 18’s get free membership, loan of boules is also free.

All  Club sessions are
open to new players. To find out more call 07815 710810, visit http://petanquehoniton.btck.co.uk
or email honitonpetanque@outlook.com.

We are now having regular playing sessions on Sundays and Wednesdays and attracting more and more people which is great. Ottery club members are now playing here as their home terrain has closed, they will be with us until their proposed new terrain is constructed. New players are welcome and will get four free sessions before joining the club. 

Honiton Petanque Club opened in Spring 2015 after funding was secured from East Devon District Council and Honiton Town Council. The Club shares a venue with Honiton Town Football Club and Honiton Cricket Cub. 

17 March 2015

It's game on for Honiton's new petanque pitch

Honiton’s new £14,400 petanque playing area is now open and ready for action.

East Devon District Council has been working hard with Honiton Town Council and local resident Chris Bigmore on a project that has ended up providing residents with a new petanque 'terrain' or playing area. 

Petanque is a game where players throw metal ‘boules’ with the aim of getting as many of their own closer to the wooden Jack than their opponents. The Petanque terrain at the Mountbatten Sports and Social Club was officially opened on 19 March by the Devon Regional President of the English Petanque Association, John Thatcher. 

Several residents who were already playing Petanque elsewhere or were interested in taking up the sport were also invited along to 'baptise' the new playing area.  Having a petanque playing area in Honiton was proposed by the local community. Last year Honiton Town Council and EDDC asked community groups and others to put forward their ideas as to how £50,000 of sports funding accumulated from recent Honiton housing developments (Section 106 money) should be spent, 

Chris Bigmore put forward the idea of a petanque playing area. Ten proposals were submitted but only three were eligible, affordable and possible. The three proposals added up to under £50,000 so they could all be funded. One was for the petanque playing area, one was for a sports wall in Allhallows Field, which is still being progressed and the final project was for safety barriers around one of the rugby pitches, which has now been completed. 

John Thatcher said: “ I am very pleased to have been invited to open this new Terrain at Honiton, Petanque is now growing very fast in the UK. It’s an inexpensive game to participate in and can be played socially or more seriously at regional, national and international levels”

Chris Bigmore, Project Co-ordinator said: “We will be having an open day in early May where anyone can come along and have a go at Petanque. It’s a game of skill and tactics, which can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities and does not require great body strength. We will be setting up a Honiton Petanque Club with regular weekly sessions, and with the fantastic standard of our playing area we will be able to compete with other local clubs.”   

 Councillor Iain Chubb, EDDC’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “There are people in Honiton who play petanque who have had to travel many miles to be able to play, it is great that we have been able to help provide this new facility on their doorstep. Well done to Chris for putting forward the initial idea and then making this project happen.”

Councillor Peter Halse, Mayor of Honiton Town Council, said: “The Town Council were pleased to assist Chris in delivering a petanque pitch right here in Honiton. Some of these dedicated players were travelling many miles in order to be able to play so to have something on their doorstep will really help and hopefully encourage more to join.”

Holding left end of ribbon Chris Bigmore Project Co-ordinator; next to him with scissors John Thatcher Devon Regional President of the English Petanque Association; Cllr Peter Halse Mayor of Honiton; 

East Devon District Council press release   

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